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Signing of the Surrender
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Smart Phone App now available to WNC travelers 

New smart phone app features the story of Western North Carolina citizens during construction of Fontana Dam.

UGO Tour NC Mountains and Story Point Media has produced a fascinating and informational series of videos about all the exciting events and places to visit in Western North Carolina. These videos may be uploaded to your smart phone and used to guide you through your travels to this beautiful and intriguing region. Of course, we were thrilled to have been a part of the series. Take a look at the one for Fontana Dam by clicking the link below.

Many thanks to Jon Menick and the Story Point Media team for the exceptionally creative work on the new smart phone app. Also, a very special thanks to Mrs. North Carolina, Candace Blanchard and Maria Papakonstantinou for their hard work as well.  
Historical novels depicts lost era of mountain culture

​I am pleased to announce that Dr. Walt Larimore has just release two books, "Hazel Creek" and it's sequel "Sugar Fork.

The depiction of our mountain heritage has finally been revealed in a way that will warm your heart while helping you understand the intriguing myriad of historical events that have shaped who we are today. I am honored to have been a "reader" for this wonderful book and I hope you will enjoy reading this fascinating literary work as well . Take a look at Dr. Walt's website for more details at:

In bookstores everywhere!
"HAZEL CREEK" (Released, March 13, 2012)
"SUGAR FORK"  (Released October 2nd, 2012

The book “Hazel Creek” intertwines fictional characters with historical facts so well that they come alive in a unique way that will stir the hearts and minds of readers and will encourage them to become better people. The research given to this writing is impeccable and the sensitivity to the inward character and integrity of our beloved mountain ancestors is nothing short of inspired insight. I am simply delighted with “Hazel Creek”! (Judy Andrews Carpenter, director of The Proctor Revival Organization)

“Sugar Fork takes a unique look back to a lost and almost forgotten era in the history of the industrial age of the southern Appalachian Mountains—a transitional period in the history of Western North Carolina. As the fictional characters of Sugar Fork interact with figures whose names grace the pages of both local and national history books these characters come alive. I am delighted with Sugar Fork!" (Judy Andrews Carpenter, director of The Proctor Revival Organization.

A volume of  interviews with citizens who gave up so much for the Fontana Dam project 
By:John George               

We are pleased to recommend a collection of videos produced by John George. While working for CBS during the '90's, John became aware of the fascinating, historical event of the building of the Fontana Dam and dedicated himself to capturing the stories and experiences of the people who gave so much for their country. John filmed many decoration services at the cemeteries on the north shore during this time. These videos include interviews with people who lived in the communities which became submerged beneath Fontana Lake due to the construction of the dam. The collection also contains footage of the Senate hearing appealing to the U.S. Government to build the road that was promised to the people to allow access to the north shore but was never completed. This historical debate between the government and the people of Swain County is the longest running congressional debate in U.S. history. This wonderful set of videos is a "must have" for historians and those who honor the sacrifice that the citizens of Western North Carolina made during a time of national need. If you would like to purchase copies, please follow this link to his web site at

History of "Hazel Creek" honored with fascinating music video


Granville Automatic​

Click on the link below and enjoy!
Take a look at the video of the actual signing of the surrender by the Japanese on board the USS Missouri in September of 1945. We honor all those who made this possible but now give special recognition to those citizens of Western North Carolina who deserve our thanks for their contribution to a quicker end to the war saving many lives. By relinquishing their homelands and way of life for the construction of the Fontana Dam, these patriotic Americans made possible the production of the electrical energy necessary enabling the accelerated production of the nuclear material at the Oak Ridge Laboratory in Oak Ridge,Tennessee